SamnitesOne of the most unforgettable historical tales that we’ve stumbled upon in our history classes is Rome’s rise in power, particularly during the Roman Republican Era – how, from being a small kingdom in Italy, it expanded, by wisely using its military supremacy and other resources, to literally own the whole Mediterranean world.

Whenever we try to discuss this, it’s impossible to miss recalling the sub-chapter story of the Samnite Wars which chronicled the three battles between the legions of the early Roman Republic and the tribes of Samnium, their most formidable rivals.

The Samnites weren’t to be taken for granted in the war zone. They have proven themselves in history to be formidable rivals for the then much superior Roman legion.

Samnite Wars mapUnlike the fate of the Macedonian phalanx during the Macedonian Wars (which happened years after the Samnite War), the Samnites were able to make Rome withdraw at some point and have actually won some of their battles.

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